Primož Hadalin

Primož Hadalin

Hi. I’m a full-stack software engineer who can build apps from the ground up. I've been working in startups, so I'm used to wearing many hats. I'm product focussed, collaborative, and communicative developer who prioritizes user experience, code quality, and security.

I'm currently not available for hire.

Personal Info

Location Slovenia
Nationality Slovenian
Languages native Slovene
fluent English


Good at: Kotlin, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Android Mobile Development, Django, Vue.js, Cypress, Scrapy, SQL, Git, Vim

Somewhat good at: GraphQL, PHP, Java, C#, Bash, D3, Docker


Web and Mobile Architect

  • mobile and web architecture
  • frontend, backend, mobile development
  • feature tech lead
  • automated testing

Software Engineer

  • did full-stack development of ZenGRC compliance platform
  • led feature development
  • wrote Cypress tests
  • was on support rotation

Software Engineer, Web Team Lead

  • wrote frontend and backend code which powers the Genialis Platform using TypeScript, AngularJS, RxJS and Django
  • led a team of web developers using Scrumban
  • helped with product design and software architecture
  • drew charts using Vega visualization grammar
  • integrated 3rd party APIs
  • wrote automation scripts
  • wrote unit tests
  • did web scraping with Scrapy
  • mastered making cappuccino foam

Software Engineer

  • developed web applications using various frameworks including Django, Drupal, ASP.NET and Backbone.js
  • wrote business logic for commercial software
  • drew charts using D3
  • integrated payment systems
  • managed web servers
  • wrote deployment and provisioning scripts using Fabric and Chef
  • worked on European research projects


  • programmed a microcontroller


University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
B.Sc., Software
Thesis Implementing business web application considering the specifics of different web browsers [PDF]

Secondary School of Electrotechnology and Computer Science, Nova Gorica

Side projects


SLA-enabled Enterprise IT (co-author)

SLA-aware Resource Management (co-author)


🥁 📖 ⚽️


Played drums and wrote songs for Pastichon, Taverna Blues Band and The Štrudls.