Primož Hadalin

Primož Hadalin

Hi. I'm a software engineer and not the worst drummer. My past 13 years of experience include full-stack development, product design, team leadership, and software architecture. I'm a mission-driven developer with a passion for thoughtful UI design. I enjoy collaborating, making things and turning complex problems into simple and intuitive solutions. Oh, and I hate futile meetings and if something's bothering me, I will talk about it.

Feel free to contact me.

Personal Info

Location Slovenia
Nationality Slovenian
Languages native Slovene
fluent English


Languages: Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Java, C#, ActionScript, Bash

Technologies and tools: Django, Vue.js, Angular, RxJS, D3, Angular Material, Bootstrap, Jasmine, Karma, jspm, Gulp, Drupal, Travis CI, Docker, Scrapy, Git, VS Code, PyCharm, Vim

What I'm not good at (but would like to get more into): Kubernetes, Haskell, Elm, Go, React, mobile app development, machine learning


Software Engineer

  • did full-stack development of ZenGRC compliance platform
  • led feature development
  • was on support rotation

Web Team Lead, Software Engineer

  • wrote frontend and backend code which powers the Genialis Platform using TypeScript, AngularJS, RxJS and Django
  • led a team of web developers using Scrumban
  • helped with product design and software architecture
  • drew charts using Vega
  • integrated 3rd party APIs
  • wrote automation scripts
  • wrote extensive unit tests
  • did web scraping
  • conducted technical interviews for programming positions
  • mastered making cappuccino foam

Software Engineer

  • developed web applications using various frameworks including Django, Drupal, ASP.NET and Backbone.js
  • wrote business logic for commercial software
  • drew charts using D3
  • integrated payment systems
  • managed web servers
  • wrote deployment and provisioning scripts using Fabric and Chef
  • worked on European research projects


  • programmed a microcontroller


University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
B.Sc., Software
Thesis Implementing business web application considering the specifics of different web browsers [PDF]

Secondary School of Electrotechnology and Computer Science, Nova Gorica

Side projects


SLA-enabled Enterprise IT (co-author)

SLA-aware Resource Management (co-author)


Books, Music, Traveling, Soccer, Badminton


Played drums and wrote songs for Pastichon, Taverna Blues Band and The Štrudls.